Photography has been an exciting hobby of mine for many years. My introduction to photography was at age 13. I shot a roll of film on my mom's camera, and then developed it myself in a darkroom. It was a thrilling process and I have been hooked ever since.

I bought my first SLR camera when I was 21 before my first overseas trip to Australia. It took just about everything I had saved until that time. I had finished seven semesters of University with only one to go. But something told me I just wasn't ready for the real world yet. I spent the next 8 months traveling all of Australia and New Zealand. And with that, my second passion was born. Traveling.

Throughout my whole life, it seemed I was always saving for a plane ticket vs some material item. I have been fortunate enough to have touched down on every continent with my camera and explored as much as time and money would allow.

I hope you enjoy viewing my photos as much as I have enjoyed taking them.

Daniel Dietrich